About Me

Welcome! I'm Nick.

I'm a recent computer science graduate from the University of Queensland (UQ), where I also picked up a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) during my misguided early years. I've recently enrolled in a CS honours program at UNSW, where I hope to complete the remaining coursework components part-time whilst getting started on my career as a data engineer at Canva in Sydney, Australia.

During my time at UQ also I tutored for the School of IT & Electrical Engineering in object-oriented programming, systems engineering and computational linguistics. I still serve as a research assistant in the Complex & Intelligent Systems Group, where I work on the Transcription Acceleration Project. I also served on the administrative committee of the UQ Computing Society, which I was president of during the 2019 academic year.

On this site you can read my musings and check out the projects I work on for work, university, or just for fun.

Each year I set myself a challenge to read 50 books (though I rarely succeed), you can find out what I'm reading here.

If you'd like to get in contact you can reach me via the email address in my CV.